"A quality first date will often involve a spirited analysis of The Naked and the Dead." Getty Images

[Ed's note: If you're into "Who will win this series and why, hit up our sophisticated older brother, ESPN.Com. They do it better than anyone. If you're interested in why there's a picture of Lil' Wayne and Birdman above, keep it right here. Right now: (2) Hornets vs. (7) Mavericks. ]

(1) Jannero Pargo used to have a single 'N' in his name; after being released by the Lakers and signing with the Raptors in 2004, a second 'N' appeared. There's still no explanation as to why.

(2) Jerry Stackhouse, in addition to being perhaps the most socially-aware player in the NBA , also can sing a mean National Anthem .

(3) Shannon, a New Orleans Hornets "Honeybees" dancer , lists her favorite TV show growing up as Supermarket Sweep. As a complete aside, the host for the Lifetime version of that — David Ruprecht — is a Libertarian. Weird.

(4) Remember the "Chronicles of Narnia" video from SNL? Check out this Mavericks Gameday parody . It's pretty sweet.

(5) Bonzi Wells' real name is Gawen. Hey, why's he called Bonzi? During his mother's pregnancy, she had an insatiable craving for bonbons. In fact, until he was 2, his parents simply called him "bonbon."

(6) Avery Johnson is also the name of a sergeant character in the Halo series who leads human forces against the Covenant and Blood assaults. He's voiced by a guy named David Scully, who also does the voice of an eight year-old kid named Elroy in the Headbone Interactive series. The Mavs' Avery Johnson kinda sounds like he's eight . Everything's full circle.

(7) In the music video for the Birdman and Lil' Wayne song "Pop Bottles," note that all the players on the red team have Tyson Chandler jerseys.