"Lorenzen, you know Rottweiler's like I know suits! And dude, Chuck Daly calls me!" 

The NBA playoffs start tomorrow and for 16 teams, it means long film sessions, grueling workouts and complete mental focus. But what about the 14 teams already on vacation? What will fill their time? Before we could lose countless nights of sleep brainstorming some suggestions, we ran into a few Kings players who told us their plans. Inspiring stuff.


Ever since the movie Best in Show, dog shows got kinda cool. Lorenzen Wright takes it up a notch. His rottweiler, Karl vom Hause Neubrand (awesome name, by the way), competes in six or seven dog shows a year. Wright's even taken Karl to Germany to compete. In total Chrisopher Guest and Parker Posey style, Wright participates in the entire competition. "You've got to walk around a circle, run around a circle, stand there and take photos," said Wright. "I started about five years ago. I bought a Rottweiler from a guy who did it and he told me how fun it was and I was like, shoot I might as well try it."

Any luck? "I have a bunch of awards he's won," Wright says. "I have a trophy case at home."

Wright is also staying busy with a litter of seven new puppies at home, recently born to one of his three female Rottweilers; but it's the male he gushes over. "Look at how pretty he is," said Wright. He holds up a picture of Karl on his I-phone. "Like a bear."

So do any of his teammates come to cheer him on? "I won't invite them," says Wright. "It's summer time. You don't want to bother everybody. Everybody has different ways of relaxing in the summertime and that's my way."


While most of his fellow NBAers are busy buying Bentleys, Mikki Moore is searching ebaymotors.com for his latest fixer-uper. "I go on there and buy old school cars," said Moore. "I fix them up, drive them for like two years and re-sell them. I restore them to be original and I restore them to be custom also."

But not every automobile purchase is a steal. "I got gyped on an old-school I bought online," said Moore. "It wasn't in the shape I thought it was in. You know the stuff that you can paint the back of your trucks to coat it and protect the back of your bed? Well most of the car was painted in that and then they painted over the top of it and I didn't know."

So he doesn't return them? "I've just got to put some rims on it and try to re-sell it. It's a black 1970 Barracuda. I still can make the money off of it. I just have to put a little money into it just to get rid of it."

Now he has the time.


When Kings point guard Anthony Johnson couldn't find a company that would make the glass windows of angels he had designed for his home, he got inspired. Or carried away. He started his own, which produces hand-made stained glass windows and doors.

"I bought a new house and I didn't want the white standard doors so I replaced them," said Johnson. "I just was excited by it and intrigued and decided to make a company so I've been doing it on the side."

He started AJCustomDoors.com. "100% customization of stained glass!"

Johnson has designed windows for his former Hawk's teammates Josh Smith and Joe Johnson as well as Kings teammate Lorenzen Wright. He also designed stained glass windows for the Dallas Mavericks locker room with the Mav's logo.

The Kings could do worse.