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The biggest argument against a true San Antonio Spurs dynasty has always been that they've never won back-to-back titles. This could again be true, as tonight they play a Game 7 inside New Orleans Arena, where they haven't won yet this series. Rather than trace the history of either the Hornets or Spurs in deciding games, we decided to take a broader approach. Here now: a Clip Reel on some of the greatest Game 7 moments in sports. One note: we missed a few, sure; not every classic moment is available on the Interwebs presently. Blame the corporations, man.

Lesser discussed hockey one: Sharks over Red Wings in 1994.
Long video, but summarizes a great moment: Rangers over Canucks in 1994 to finally win another Cup.
Ray Bourque finally wins a Cup in 2001.
The Easter Epic from 1987: Islanders vs. Capitals.
Matteau past Brodeur in the 1994 Eastern Conference playoffs.
Good luck at the best Game 7 performances (by individuals) in NHL history.
Good luck at the best ever goals in a Game 7 (NHL).

1955: Dodgers beat Yankees.
1960: Bill Mazeroski.
Koufax kills the Twins in 1965.
Jack Morris in 1991 with the Twins.
Luis Gonzalez in 2001.
Aaron Boone HR in 2003.
A re-enactment of said home run.
Damon grand slam in 2004.
Poster form of the above.

1988 NBA Finals, Game 7 (Pistons vs. Lakers!)
Washington vs. Seattle in 1978.
1984 Celtics vs. Lakers (Stern is praying for this).
1994 NBA Finals. Why was Starks still playing?
The Havlicek steal in 1965.
Classic Bulls vs. Pacers game from 1998.
The Spurs actually lost one of these a few years ago, to the Mavericks.
Pistons vs. Spurs in 2005.
The Blazers meltdown in 2000 WCF vs. the Lakers.
Celtics vs. Cavaliers from yesterday (hey, it was pretty good!)