Happy birthday, big fella. By coming back next year, you made Houston Nutt - and a certain FOX News anchor - very happy men. Getty Images

Forgive us for being Michael Lewis fans; it could be because he wrote Moneyball, arguably the most influential book about baseball of the last two decades. It could be because he's married to Tabitha Soren, which was a dream of any male aged 19 to 30 presently (don't deny it). His book The Blind Side, about the importance of the left tackle position as shown through Ole Miss' Michael Oher, was also awesome. It's Michael Oher's birthday today— think Shep Smith got him anything?—and as a result, we're dedicating Clip Reel to a guy you'll hear about a lot on Saturdays this fall (and Sundays soon enough).

Here's the big guy's Wiki. He's only 22 today.
His 2009 NFL Draft profile. He claims he's in "the best shape of his life" right now. Egad!
Michael Lewis on All Things Considered discussing Oher.
Massive Lewis article from The New York Times Magazine on Oher.
A great CBS Sports feature on Oher entitled "Diamond in the Rough."
An interview with Michael Lewis in Mississippi.
Tom Lemming talks to Houston Nutt about Oher.
This guy thinks Oher can go No. 1 in 2009.
Our man McShay has him going No. 8 in a super early look at 2009.
Another great interview with Michael Lewis about Oher.
Another good piece, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle.
NC State blog (odd) gets a 1 on 1 interview with Oher.
Did FOX fast-track an Oher movie?
Here's our man Sprow's interview with Shep Smith, who adores Ole Miss.
Bonus pic of Tabitha Soren for no real reason.
Oher's official Ole Miss profile.
His Rivals page features raw HS footage, which is awesome.
Oher's HS coach was named Hugh Freeze (best.name.ever) and he's now on Houston Nutt's staff.
Sean Tuohy, who helped raise Oher, has his profile here - since he's a member of the Memphis Grizzlies announcing squad.