Hopefully Benson finds his way back to a field, with less brushes with the law, in the not-too-distant future. Getty Images

Cedric Benson, after a few weeks of questionable behavior, was let go by the Chicago Bears yesterday. It begs the question: whaddup with talented Texas Longhorn running backs not translating to the pros completely? Ricky Williams was awesome in Austin; he's had good pro years, but it's ultimately not what he's known for. (Yea, we loved Eric Metcalf and Priest Holmes) We're going to take a minute now, via Clip Reel, to celebrate what Cedric could do on the field—with a hope that he's doing it again real soon, with less problems off it.

Here's the entire Cedric Benson video collection on NFL.Com. Some pretty gnarly runs the last two seasons, actually.
Nice rip of his Austin highlights.
Another good rip.
FOX News tees off on Benson.
Nice Benson TD against the Cowboys last year.
27 seconds of Benson dominating in high school.
Apparently, this was Benson's first NFL TD.
Pretty nasty play from Vince Young to Cedric when they were both at Texas.
Cedric's Wiki.
Cedric's Pro Football Reference splits.
His official bio on a Mack Brown fan site. Odd.
Sadly, Lovie Smith had him ready to start this year.
Good aggregated article collection on Benson from NFL.Com.
Similarly, a photo gallery on NFL.Com.
His Scout page.