"If you build it, Wal-Mart will buy it from you for less than you paid." Getty Images

In assembling Bull Durham week for Mag.Com the last few days, our staff has been discussing some of the epic lines from that movie; as a result, we've frequently gone to YouTube to check them out. While there, the "related videos" sidebar keeps giving us other classic sports movie moments. Add it all up and it comes out like this: we may have watched the trailer for The Sixth Man at some point this week. Here now, a Clip Reel spotlighting some trailers from classic sports movies. (Side note: we've watched the trailer for Hancock about five times and we still have no idea what it's about, but it's gonna make so much money.)

Bull Durham trailer.
Major League trailer.
Chariots of Fire trailer.
League of Their Own trailer re-cut by some film school student.
Miracle trailer.
Bad News Bears (Thornton edition) trailer.
Breaking Away trailer.
A preview clip from When We Were Kings.
Jerry Maguire trailer.
Preview clip from Rudy.
Pride of the Yankees preview clip.
Semi-Pro trailer.
Preview clip from White Men Can't Jump.
Slap Shot trailer.
The Hustler trailer.
Remember the Titans trailer.
Hoop Dreams trailer.
Field of Dreams trailer.
Caddyshack trailer.
The Natural trailer.
Preview clip from Hoosiers.
Raging Bull trailer.
Days of Thunder trailer.
The Longest Yard (Sandler version) trailer.
Talladega Nights trailer.
A fan-made trailer for Point Break (that's a sports movie, right?)
Bad News Bears in Breaking Training. We love the song.
Tin Cup trailer.
For Love of the Game trailer.
Mr. Destiny trailer.
Varsity Blues trailer.
Friday Night Lights trailer.
And of course, the Rocky trailer.