His best quote ever: "Reggie Jackson is the type of guy who'd give you the shirt off his back, then call a press conference to talk about doing it." Getty Images

Hey, it's National Catfish Day! So designated in 1987 by President Reagan, the day celebrates "the value of the farm-raised catfish." We're pretty good at missing the point entirely, so we're gonna turn Clip Reel over to a celebration of the most famous catfish in the world of athletics, Jim Hunter. We may slip a few clips from Big Fish in, though. We love Billy Crudup.

Catfish Hunter's Wiki.
His Baseball Reference page.
Info on him from Retrosheet.
His obituary. Sad.
The box score of his perfect game in 1968.
His Hall of Fame profile.
Once said about Reggie Jackson, "He'd give you the shirt off his back, then call a press conference to announce he did it." Ha!
The Bob Dylan song "Catfish" is in his honor.
Referenced in Bad News Bears: "Who'd ya think you are, Catfish Hunter?"
Nice video tribute.
Some guy played out a Yankees vs. White Sox game from the 1970s on PS2 and put it on YouTube. Awesome.
Notes from Catfish's funeral and the baseball luminaries in attendance.
Someone made a MySpace for Catfish.
Kinky Friedman wrote a song called "Catfish" too.
Big Tom White sang a song called "The Catfish Kid (The Ballad of Jim Hunter)" as well.
"My brothers taught me to throw strikes, and thanks to that I gave up 379 home runs in the big leagues."
He's the last AL pitcher to win 20 games for five consecutive seasons (and the fourth all-time).
He was on five World Series champions (three with Oakland, two with New York).
A great collection of his soundbites.
The radio call of his perfect game is here (sadly, on his ALS - or Lou Gehrig's Disease - page).
There's a plaque in his hometown of Herford, NC honoring him.
Here's that Big Fish clip we promised you.