Clip Reel: Ricky Rubio

Is Ricky's number, 32, a coincidence? Getty Images

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All you gotta do is watch a few videos to know why Rubio's been compared to Pete Maravich and Magic Johnson (even Scottie Pippen!) . Some are even saying he could go near the top of next year's NBA Draft (when he becomes eligible). Until then, these clips of the man whose jersey reads "Ricky" will have to hold you over.

· Highlights of Ricky the Kid.

·The dude is pretty amazing.

·R. Kelly + Ricky Rubio equals uncanny synthesis.

·At about 0:48 he throws a perfect pass off the backboard.

·Ricky's pretty good at Trigonometry too.

·His playing goes so well with pop music.

·Just the passes and the steals.

·The most impressive thing about this game, the U-16 world championships against Russia, was not this half-court shot that sent the game into a second over time but that he had 51 points, 24 rebounds, 12 assists and 7 steals. Just a reminder, he was only 15.

And here's a refresher on Pete Maravich, the player he's constantly being compared to.

·Ricky v. CSKA Moscow.

·Lang Whitaker of SLAM has been profiling Ricky for some time now:
Part 1
Part 2

·Euroleague profile.

·Wiki page.

·2008 Young Men's Player of the Year in Europe.

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