Go ahead, caption this one yourself. Getty Images

In Morning According to Us earlier, we brought you the YouTube freestyle of Bruce Pearl's newest prize, Bobby Maze. It's strangely addictive. It got us looking for other examples of athletes rapping. A good jumping off point for the discussion can be found here, but Clip Reel is going to take you into painstaking detail.

Brandon Lloyd (Redskins) freestyle: "In rap I throw the ball to myself."
Lloyd rapping for ESPN cameras.
Allen Iverson's 40 Bars.
Ah, the Shaq diss rap.
Shaq with Fu Schnickens on Arsenio back in the day.
One Ron Artest rap video.
Artest on rapping and his upbringing.
Carmelo Anthony and Yung Berg.
Is there any chance LeBron ISN'T going to the Nets in two years?
Kobe Bryant rapping with Tyra Banks.
Kobe and 50 Cent collaborate on Thug Poet.
Tony Parker rapping at a Spurs title parade.
A rap video from T-Parker.
Another one.
Roy Jones Jr. rapping.
2Pac with Roy Jones Jr.
The Chris Webber rap video almost no one has ever seen.
Another Shaq classic right here.
Before there was Shaq on Kobe, there was Shaq ripping Vlade.
Ramzee Robinson, a former NFL Draft Mr. Irrelevant, can also cut rhymes.
Justin Fargas of the Raiders also raps.
Juan Pierre rapping when the Marlins won it all.
The Joakim Noah rap album?
The dude's got soul.
Deion's rap album.
Pac-Man Jones has a label. Cool.
Rasheed Wallace rapping.
The Pistons rapping!
This NFL Draft 2008 rap by Best Damn Sports Show was pretty entertaining.
The Cedric Ceballos Flow On rap.
Jason Kidd with Digital Underground.
Good summary of terrible athlete raps.
And another.
And still another.
Maybe the best summary of athlete rappers ever, by our man Ethan Trex.