"Make this putt so we can get to Mariano's party at the Pink Elephant, will ya?" Getty Images

Rick Reilly's new column focuses on his interactions with Celebrity Pro-Ams and, more specifically, his observations of Charles Barkley's swing (ostensibly one of the worst in the world). We decided to compile a Clip Reel addressing these themes: Barkley's golf game, Pro-Ams, and the broad swath that is celebrity golfing. Click through for some fun.

(1) Here's one look at Barkley's golf swing.
(2) Here's another, this time in slow motion.
(3) MSNBC anchors just ripping his swing.
(4) Gripping and ripping at Lake Tahoe.
(5) Another look at it (we're just giving you options here).
(6) OK, so how can we fix it?
(7) This may be the definition of YouTube gold: Tiger Woods impersonating Barkley's golf swing.

(8) Romo and Jordan on the links in Tahoe.
(9) Yea, Simpson was there too.
(10) More clips of him actually golfing.

(11) Dude has his own event.
(12) Here he is at Thousand Oaks in CA.
(13) OK, this is super weird: him and Spears in a golf skit from Mickey Mouse Club. Gold!
(14) More clips of him golfing at a club in LA.
(15) Nice montage of him playing golf, ostensibly put together by a superfan.
(16) For the heck of it, here's some clips of him hanging out with Jessica Biel.

(17) GolfDigest ranks the Best 100 celebrity golfers.
(18) Chris O'Donnell made the Top 10, and this clip appears to be visual proof that he golfs.
(19) Samuel L. Jackson is Top 10 also; here he is doing his thing.
(20) And getting a mulligan.
(21) Here he appears to be playing golf with Michelle Rodriguez.
(22) The 25 best female celebrity golfers list here has Anne Murray at No. 1. Odd.
(23) Here's AskMen's list of celebrity golfers. They like Quaid too.
(24) Jack Wagner is also apparently very good.
(25) Oddly, so is Kenny G.
(26) More evidence.
(27) Alice Cooper even references it!
(28) Random clips of a 1953 celebrity golf tournament. Awesome stuff.
(29) Casino reference 1: Sharon Stone golfing.
(30) Casino reference 2: Joe Pesci golfing.
(31) Long clip of Mario Lemieux's celebrity golf tourney.
(32) Halle Berry has a celebrity golf tournament, too.
(33) So does Eva Longoria.
(34) Kevin Sorbo (he's still around!) is a good celebrity golfer, and here's some evidence.
(35) Clips from the Frank Sinatra celebrity golf tournament this year. It attracts some big names.
(36) Art Shell has a tourney. Interesting.
(37) Strahan has one too; less interesting - but this is: Diana Ross performed at it recently. Odd.
(38) Is Rob Morrow still a celebrity?
(39) Probably should put this near the top: Jordan and Tiger playing together.
(40) Rick Rhoden has won over five celebrity golf tournaments.
(41) Chauncey Billups is about to host a golf tourney.
(42) This is the No. 1 Google Images result for 'Celebrity Golf Tournament,' yet none of these people appear to be celebrities. Odd.
(43) The Adam Sandler and Bob Barker fight, for good measure.
(44) More celebrities need to golf using the advice of Ty Webb.
(45) Or the hilarity of Rodney.
(46) This Tiger Woods gopher clip is nothing short of amazing, so even though it has nothing to do with celebrity golfing per se, we're going to link it.
(47) Caddyshack, which has a lot of celebrities in it and is about golf, done in a 1:00 version.
(48) A golfing tribute to Bob Hope.
(49) We'll end with two Rick Reilly references: here's a list of dudes he played against at an Ohio State celeb golf tournament about a year ago.
(50) And here's his Tiger Woods essay for television.