"I can do this in legitimate auto traffic as well." Getty Images

Deron Williams apparently just re-upped with the Jazz for four years (the team has a press conference slated for later today). This is a fairly big deal: even with all the hype afforded Chris Paul this year (he got feature treatment in ESPN The Magazine, for example), many still consider Williams a better player. Bonus: this contract could be the cornerstone in Jerry Sloan getting his first ring as a coach. Time now to celebrate D-Will via Clip Reel.

His Wiki.
His Basketball Reference for your edification.
His NBA.Com page.
2006-2007 mix.
2007-2008 mix.
Nice Deron vs. CP3 movie trailer.
Williams playing 1 on 1 with a Jazz fan.
Post-event interview from the above.
Illinois vs. Arizona in the 2005 NCAA Tournament.
Nice look at D-Will's crossover.
Double crossover action.
Pretty disgusting facial against the Spurs.
His Olympic presser.
Another nice D-Will mix.
D-Will breaking the Skills Competition record at the All-Star Game.
Coast to coast to win the game.
Visiting an amusement park in Utah.
Williams as "The Closer."
Mix to "Ride With Me."
For no apparent reason, the Utah Jazz hip hop dancers.
Pretty funny commercial featuring Williams.
Nice mix to Evanescence.
His "There Can Only Be One" commercial.
The Williams vs. Paul debate, editorial style.
Another one.
Nice profile from SLAM Magazine.
Jerry Sloan seems to trust him.
Dude wrestled in high school, as a side note.
His Twitter page.