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About 200 countries will be attending the Olympics this year and every one of them will be marching during the Opening Ceremonies to the national anthem of their land. Some countries like Spain, don't have official lyrics, but most have their own unique pronouncements about their history and culture. Rick Reilly covered many of these in his latest column. Here are a few more, past and present. See if you can match them with their country. (Answers below).

1. "The fragrance from your mango-groves makes me wild with joy!"

2. "In heroes' blood is bathing the Land of Columbus."

3. "Hey Slavs! our grandfathers' word still lives"!

4. "You are in the center of the Continent like a strong heart"

5.. "A burning flame is our tongue"

6. "Your sons, simple farm hands, gained eternal renown."

7. "Feel the throb of glorious liberty"

8. "In my own Nordic land, I'll live forever"

9. "Grant our earnest supplication, and save Tupou our King."

10. "How can one count the blessings of the Nile for mankind?"

11. "The cradle of ancestry"

12. "Dear, verdant island, set in blue Caribbean Sea, I'm coming very soon"

13. "From the south seas to the Polar border"

A. Costa Rica
B. Tonga
C. Bangladesh
D. Cayman Islands
E. Colombia
F. Kuwait
G. Russia
H. Austria
I. Moldova
J. Sweden
K. Egypt
L. Yugoslavia
M. Phillipines

1)C; 2)E; 3)L; 4)H; 5)I; 6)A; 7)M; 8)J; 9)B; 10)K; 11)F; 12)D; 13)G

Less than 3: Put down the Chalupa and pick up an encyclopedia.
3-6: You've got a good sense of geography, but not as good as your sense of ironic justice.
More than 6: Pretty good! Can we check your papers really quick.