Ah, the green and white. Getty Images

Jets games at the Meadowlands can be a rowdy affair. They just got amped up: Brett Favre is their new (presumably?) starting QB. Is he automatically the best Jets QB of all-time? Probably not (guy called Namath), but he's near the top. Let's take a look at the history of the position in the Swamp.

Joe Namath: the man.
Here's his appearance at Super Bowl 40.
Page 2's list of best Super Bowl performances has him low, but still present.
What was the value of his guarantee for the NFL?
His Wiki = detailed, somewhat incredible.
Here's his HOF page.
Possibly the most iconic picture in NFL history?
Good ESPN Classic profile on Broadway Joe.
Pat Ryan then QB'ed the Jets for a bit.
Check his career stats.
Apparently he wrote a book?
Richard Todd - who also played at Alabama, like Namath - also QB'ed the Jets.
Wanna buy his jersey?
He once completed 42 passes in a game, to his credit.
Jets Blog remembers Richard Todd.
Ken O'Brien was in there for a bit. What the heck is this clip?
More on Ken O'Brien.
His stats.
Weird: he was in the QB Class of '83.
His stats.
Dude's been featured in Sports Illustrated.
Then it was time for Boomer.
A great guy in many respects.
Also a good talk show host.
Best thing about this clip: 1983, and Al Michaels is calling college football.
Neil O'Donnell was next up!
More on him.
Classic O'Donnell Jets trading card.
Could you consider him one of the best Jets QBs ever?
Some pieces on him in SI.
Glenn Foley!
Terrible Jersey Hall of Fame entrant, to boot.
An Open Letter to Glenn Foley.
Then it was time for Vinny.
Dude was legitimate.
Pennington was up next.
Dude's not bad.
He actually went to HS with one of our staff member's cousins.
Some doubt his arm, though.
And now, the man has arrived.