In a deleted scene from Rookie of the Year, Ruth tags one off Thomas Ian Nicholas. Getty Images

Today in 1929, Babe Ruth became the first-ever member of the 500 HR Club, blasting one into the seats at League Park in Cleveland. Seventy-nine years later, twenty-three others have joined him. Here now, a celebration.

No. 1 right now, although many doubt the sincerity: Mr. Barry Bonds.
In the Bay Area, the dude is revered.
No. 2 is a guy revered everywhere, Mr. Hank Aaron.
A good profile on Aaron.
Aaron 715 audio.
Here's video of Babe Ruth hitting his 60th HR of 1927.
Here's him in a short called "Home Run on the Keys."
Here's the Called Shot.
A tribute to Willie Mays, albeit a grainy one.
"The Catch" (because you gotta show it).
Mantle vs. Mays HR Derby.
Amazing article on Willie recently done.
Here's Sammy Sosa going for 600.
A tribute to Sosa with the Cubs.
Odd cartoon trailer for a fake movie about Sammy's life.
Ken Griffey Jr is next.
How many does he have without the injuries?
Dude was so big in the 1990s, he made a cameo on Fresh Prince.
Frank Robinson is next.
He's an ambassador of the sport, truly.
Mark McGwire: less than an ambassador.
Dude could hit, though.
And participate in a comedy bit.
Harmon Kilebrew is next. (The clip is amazing)
Then Palmeiro.
Then Reggie Jackson.
Then Mike Schmidt.
What the heck is this?
Next up is Mickey Mantle.
Rather detailed video tribute on him.
Jimmie Foxx.
Clips of Jimmie from Ken Burns' documentary.
Willie McCovey, who has a statue in his honor.
Here he is in the '62 World Series.
Ted Williams is next.
Quite possibly the best hitter of all-time.
A-Rod is next. Here's a clip of his 500th.
Frank Thomas! We honestly forgot he hit 500.
Dude can hit, though.
Manny's next.
Oh Manny!
Ernie Banks sits at 512.
He has a statue too.
Eddie Matthews is behind him.
Then Mel Ott.
Jim Thome's on there too. Here's a clip of his 500th.
Thome's a pretty cool dude.
Eddie Murray going for 500 (he'd finish with 504).
Introduced in Cooperstown.
Here's the entire list.
Here's the entire list with tons of detail.
Here's ESPN's take on it.