Boom goes the dynamite all the time with this guy. Getty Images

As detailed in our Big 12 conference page (as part of our preview issue), the Big 12 is home to some fairly explosive offenses. Want representation of this in a moving visual form? Click on through.

Here's one look at what Oklahoma can do.
Here's another one.
And yet another, which opens with the Bill Murray quote from Ghostbusters: "We came, we saw, we kicked its a**."
Here's yet another look at OU, this time set to Bon Jovi.
Sam Bradford? Dude's pretty good.
Another look at Bradford.
Now let's look at Texas.
Here's another good Texas video.
For good measure, to show you the intensity of the Big 12, here's a UT Longhorns entrance.
Jamaal Charles is gone, but here's an example of UT-Austin going to the house.
Here's McCoy looking like VY.
Texas Tech? Super explosive.
For good measure (and to psych you up), here's their intro video.
And for no reason, here's Mike Leach doing the weather on a local newscast.
Another look at how absolutely explosive Texas Tech can be.
Could they be undefeated when they face OU in November? Maybe.
Putting an 6-minute long Graham Harrell video here would be nice.
Might as well counter with a long Crabtree video then!
Here's clips of his 10 best plays as a frosh.
A&M is pretty good too.
"Ground and Pound."
Oklahoma State frequently lights up the scoreboard too.
Take a look at this 8:30 rip of plays from them last year.
How about Missouri?
Chase Daniel is awesome (the song on this video is too.)
Jeremy Maclin will score on you. From anywhere.
What could he do this year?
Kansas can score from anywhere too!
Todd Reesing feature on College Gameday.
Here's a rather amazing play from Reesing.
Here's explosive passing offense, via Kansas, at its finest.
You know, even Nebraska can bring the O when they need to.
And Colorado? Not as good, but they beat Oklahoma last year!
And this year, they're getting Darrell Scott.
He is quite good.
Kansas State can score on you, too.
Josh Freeman is underrated.
When you're talking about the Big 12 and being "explosive," you should end with this.