Dominance. Getty Images

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh have won 107 consecutive beach volleyball matches. Impressive, no? As they go for another gold against a Chinese team, it's a good time to celebrate their accomplishments via Clip Reel.

Here's a 3:44 clip of them during Athens 2004.
Another long clip summarizing their dominance at Athens and Beijing.
Kerri Walsh visiting a public school in San Jose.
Michael Phelps and Kerri Walsh on the set of The Today Show.
Kerri doing some work for 'Go Girl World.'
Now for something completely different: clips from Kerri Walsh's wedding.
Good, quick tribute video to May-Treanor and Walsh.
AVP.Com presents the Kerri Walsh story.
Here's her editorial bio.
Here's Misty's.
Good look at some of Misty's more entertaining court entrances. She's like the Ray Lewis of beach volleyball.
Interview with Misty, via 'Crocs Video Lounge.'
Soundbite on domination.
Misty once threw the first pitch at an Angels game.
Here's her video bio via AVP.Com.
Here she is touring the Louisville Slugger museum.
Here's Misty and Kerri at a Marlins game cheering on Matt Treanor.
This is a pretty good tribute video on the two of them.
Nice promo video they did for NBC.
Misty walking into the Forbidden City.
The rather odd President Bush photo set to Sir Mix-A-Lot.
The pair with a big win in Norway.
And Paris.
This 9:00 tribute video is fairly comprehensive.
Kerri's Wiki.
Misty's Wiki.
NYTimes feed on the duo.
Five minute segment from Best Damn is fairly entertaining and seems a logical place to wrap it up. (They discuss 'wardrobe malfunctions' on the court)