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Since 1982, the Arizona Cardinals have been to the playoffs twice, and won one of those games. Yep. They've won one playoff game in the last 26 years. Sigh. Their QB of the future is a little distracted; their community seems a little more excited by college football; and now, Anquan Boldin wants out of town. It's time to take a look at the Cardinals, both good and bad.

Official site.
Season-by-season history. Sigh.
Pro Football Reference.
Time to focus on the positive: Adrian Wilson has a 66-inch vertical leap.
This guy seems to think the team is playoff-bound in 2008.
Here's an elaborately produced recap of the 2007 season that's actually very well done.
Another look at the team last season.
Larry Fitzgerald: good.
Further visual evidence of that.
Fitzgerald and Boldin together: possibly the best duo in football? (Note the spelling error off the top of this video.)
Anquan Boldin: good by himself as well (note the first clip, when he chucks the ball at a Chiefs fan. Egad.)
Hey, Leinart can be good.
Heck, he WAS good.
Gotta show this when discussing Leinart: USC vs. ND 2005.
Back to negatives for a second: the Cardinals aren't very good.
This Devin Hester return against them on MNF a few years back was just devastating.
Led to this.
Positive: Antrel Rolle is good.
Positive: there seem to be a lot of attractive women in Arizona.
Positive: see above.
Positive: they seem to have good fans (to an extent).
Positive: giant American flag!
Positive: ties to John McCain!
So seriously, how will they be this year? (One look)
A second look.
We ranked 'em 84th in our Franchise Rankings, by the way.
Does anyone else love the name Clancy Pendergast?
Here's their 2008 schedule. They could open 4-1.
AZ Sports Hub rants on the Cardinals.
Seems obligatory to end here: it was a long time ago, but oh-so-juicy then - Paris and Matt.

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