He's got a hungry heart, as does a certain Big 12 QB. Getty Images

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September 23 has some interesting birthdays: obscure athletes (Eric Montross, Pete Harnisch), some-would-argue-revolutionary athletes (Brandon Jennings is 19 today), embarrassing athletes (Ricky Davis) and one icon: Mr. Bruce Springsteen. He seemed a good candidate for The Sporting Equivalency.

Bruce Springsteen's MLB Equivalent: George Steinbrenner

Gotta go with this, right? Side note: read this article about all the parks at multiple levels of baseball that use "Glory Days" in their sound system rotation.

Bruce Springsteen's NBA Equivalent: Vince Carter

Logic: firstly, you almost gotta pick someone from the Nets (New Jersey connection). Jason Kidd would be our ultimate choice, but he's in Dallas these days. Carter and Springsteen are similar in some respects aside from the ties to Jerz. AT the height of their powers, they were each stunning (reference this and this.) Most critics of sport and music would argue each's best days are in the past rather than the future, but Springsteen is reportedly doing the Super Bowl halftime this year (we still think Beyonce has a shot) and heck, if LeBron comes to the Brooklyn Nets, VC might have one last run at a ring in him.

Bruce Springsteen's NFL Equivalent: Brett Favre

Another icon now associated with New Jersey? The difference: Springsteen always has been; Favre's a new addition to the area. The similarity Brett hopes for? They'll both be in Tampa, FL on February 1, 2009. Bonus: when you hear a classic Springsteen song, such as the aforementioned "Glory Days," is there really another NFL player to think of besides Favre?

Bruce Springsteen's College Football Equivalent: Chase Daniel

We don't know why we like this one, honestly. They're both kind of bad ass. Daniel, a big kid from Texas now putting up insane numbers for Missouri (how did Mack Brown miss this guy?), seems like a dude who cranks "Hungry Heart" in the apartment with his boys. We could be wrong; we were surprised as the next person that Michael Phelps listens to Lil' Wayne pretty much on loop. But it seems that a guy named "Chase Daniel" living in Columbia, Missouri should have some Springsteen on his gym playlist, even if it's after Kenny Chesney.

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