In 2004, this sign totally applied to a different side of this equation. Getty Images

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Red Sox/Yankees? Old news. The new black is Red Sox/Rays, which is now also the 2008 ALCS. Don't believe us? Forget you. No, seriously, come back. There's this clip of the Coco Crisp and James Shields brawl from early June, but there's a lot more. Take a look.

Jerry Remy attacked!
One True Media clip called "Yankees/Sox/Rays rivalry"
This clip is called "Rays vs. Red Sox: Who will win the WS?" Joe Torre and Charlie Manuel may take umbrage.
Get this: the Rays' mascot taunting Sox fans!
Another clip of the Sox/Rays fight from Fenway.
Obligatory clip of Sox fans singing 'Sweet Caroline' at a game against the Rays in August of last season.
Something the Rays should be concerned about: Papi tee'ing off on 'em.
Something the Sox should be concerned about: the Rays swept them once this season.
First game the Rays and Sox played this season: Rays win 5-4 in 11 innings (a thriller!)
Next game: 2-1 Rays! (This series is going to be tight.)
They sweep Boston 3-0 to end that late April series.
Should be noted they got swept in Boston about a week later, including this 12-4 shellacking.
7-6 win by Tampa on July 1st saw them score six runs in the bottom of the 7th.
Last time they played was September 17th and the Rays won, 10-3.
Obligatory "must read" piece on Joe Maddon.
Close to obligatory "must read" on Terry Francona, and it was written by Peter King! Ha!
Good Rays piece (cover story, no less) that we ran.
Good Dustin Pedroia piece that we ran also.
Nice Verducci piece on Jonathan Papelbon.
"No surprises in ALCS," says MLB.Com.
A Canadian breakdown of the series.
"Red Sox just another division foe for the Rays," says Sporting News.
Tim Kurkjian weighs in.
The Boston Globe tracks the rivalry.
Nice photo gallery of their history of bad blood. We'll leave you with that.