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Red River Rivalry this Saturday! Should be exciting. Game has a fairly deep history, which we're going to attempt to chronicle. For some background, start here. Then go here. Also here. You should be just about ready now.

Fairly detailed history right here.
Package page from The Dallas Morning News on the game and history.
Generic preview article, but a good one nonetheless.
Good New York Times article from Monday about the game returning to the national spotlight.
The only real word for this cartoon about the rivalry is "odd."
Game-saving tackle in the 1994 game.
The Roy Williams play on Chris Simms in 2001. Check out Stoops hugging Mangino.
This is a music video about the '01 game, which was pretty sweet.
A giant flag being unfurled at the '05 game, which Texas pretty much had to win.
Jamaal Charles helped 'em win it with this huge run.
Here are some other highlights from '05, as Texas marched to the national title. Keith Jackson with the call.
Another reason 2005 was important is because in 2003, Oklahoma absolutely woodshedded Texas, 65-13. Here are clips of that game.
This is a nice generic preview of the 2008 game featuring sideshow clips from previous years.
This is a pretty awesome video detailing the rivalry.
USA Today piece from 2005 about the significance of the game and rivalry.
Another USA Today piece (also a few years old) listing Red River as the pre-eminent college rivalry game.
"This year, Oklahoma vs. Texas rivalry is as it should be."
All-time game results.
All-time Red River Rivalry teams for both schools.
Another fairly detailed history page.