In this photo, one person went to Yale. It wasn't Sheed. Getty Images

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We were just up in New Haven for a tailgate, so we were overjoyed to learn that today in 1701, the General Court of the Colony of Connecticut (huh?) passed a bill entitled "An Act for Liberty to Erect a Collegiate School." This led to Yale, thus giving Mr. Alex a home on fall Saturdays. (If you don't get the joke, click the link above.) You think Yale only produces politicians and I-Bankers? Generally, you're accurate. There are some decent athletic alums, though. Take a look.

Ron Darling went there.
See? We told you so.
Here's a pic of him throwing for the Bulldogs.
Darling getting interviewed by Costas in 1986. Ahmad Rashad is also there, for no truly apparent reason.
Did you know Telly from Sesame Street is a Darling fan?
Theo Epstein went to Yale as well.
Remember when he left and came back?
Dude can jam.
Example II. He probably learned it at Toad's. Ah, New Haven humor.
Alyssa Milano and Theo Epstein: two great tastes that go great together.
Eddie Vedder insults his Cubs loyalties and plays ball at Fenway with Theo.
Seriously, though, the dude has accomplished a lot.
Chris Dudley also went to Yale.
Nice feature on him here.
Hey, he was good for the Nets in the '92 playoffs.
Dick Jauron went to Yale.
He's responsible for this.
Also for a bunch of clips in this video.
Jeff Van Gundy went to Yale for a year.
Here he is roasting Yao.
Here he is smiling.
You may be able to find the leg-drag clip in this 9:25 video.
Sarah Hughes went to Yale.
Here's her routine from 2002.
Bonus clip: 1999 World Juniors to "Swan Lake" with the old ESPN2 logo on the bottom.
Mike Richter: also a Yalie.
Remember the Bure penalty shot, Game 4 in '94?
Here's one Richter tribute video.
Here's another.
Here's THE CLIP of Richter's life.
Calvin Hill also went to Yale.
We love Calvin, but we love this more: he definitely taught his son how to throw, eh?
Chris Higgins went to Yale too.
Fan video #1.
Number II.
Number III.
NHL Player Profile video.