"Sup, Popovich." Getty Images

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The rep of the San Antonio Spurs is fairly clear: (cue the peanut gallery) "BOOOOORING." We find this odd for a few reasons: (1) their star PG, Tony Parker, is (a) a French rapper and (b) married to a woman who would rank on most guy's 'Top 20' lists; (2) their star center, Tim Duncan, is definitely quite fundamental but he also was a friggin' swimmer fourteen years ago and now he has four NBA titles, which is a fairly cool (if beaten to death) story; (3) say whatcha will about Bruce Bowen, but he's one of the most exciting guys to watch play defense in the NBA (and the sentence fragment "exciting to watch play defense" is never supposed to be typed) and (4) Gregg Popovich basically looks like this currently, which is super fun. More fun? Read on.

1. The biggest noise coming out of the Spurs preseason? Gregg Popovich's beard, regrettably trimmed recently.

2. Duncan likens himself to Will in Good Will Hunting .

3. Following the trail blazed by A.I. and Ron Artest (among others), Tony Parker can now add rapper to his list of titles (Finals MVP, All-Star, Eva Longoria's purse-holder).

4. This has gotta be going on in Pop's head whenever Manu Ginobili touches the ball "What?! What are you doing?!! Why would you do…nice play, good one."

5. The Spurs have only missed the playoffs four times since they joined the NBA in 1976. FOUR.

6. The smartest guy in the league: Matt Bonner, who has only gotten one B in his entire academic life (his GPA at Florida was 3.96!). Chem kicks everyone's butt.

7. The Duncan Face. It's become a phenomenon.

8. Who says the Spurs don't show enough emotion? Even their mascot has gotten ejected from games.

9. It takes one to know one…Charles Barkley calls the people of San Antonio fat.

10. An oldie, but a straight-up goodie.