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Davis doesn't care if Little River Band's "Reminiscing" is a cliche'd pregame pump-up tune. Getty Images

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Vernon Davis: Clearing The Air With Coach

Happen to catch Mike Singletary's bleary-eyed presser Sunday after the 49ers loss? (If not, here it is.) Much of that ire, frustration and well, insanity was directed at Vernon Davis for what Singletary thought was a "me bigger than the team" move in which he picked up an unnecessary-roughness penalty.

Vernon responds on his blog:

"I spoke to Coach Singletary today," he writes. "We talked briefly. I didn't really say much to him, I pretty much just listened to what he had to say. I saw the point he was trying to make as far as on the field. He pretty much told me I've got to be aware of what's going on, on the field. If someone says something to me, I can't let it bother me. I have got to be bigger than that. I agree. I shouldn't have retaliated after the guy said what he said. I should have just moved on and tried to be the bigger man."

"I know that I'm a team guy. My teammates know it. I love my teammates, I love the coaches. I think that they're doing a good job around here, and I would never do anything to hurt my teammates or put them in any kind of trouble."

Shane Victorino: Oh So Close To A World Series Title

The One With The Goatee is close to a World Series title. And he's dreaming of what it will be like to hoist the trophy:

"I can't imagine what it's going to be like in this city, if we can do it," he writes. "Driving home on Broad Street after Saturday's win, I could see the excitement already, and we had just won one game. The closer we get, the more exciting it gets. We hope to share this with you guys tomorrow."

"You deserve it to. Being from Hawaii, I never really understood what the passion of this city was like, in terms of its sports teams. I get it now. I know I'm not going to get much sleep tonight."

Acie Law: Getting Worked In Madden

The Atlanta Hawks guard on a rough Madden weekend:

"My madden game is struggling right now," he writes. "I had a bad weekend and got humbled lol. First my big homie Hustle Man beat me! He's in town visiting for a few days. Actually, we split. He won one, I won the other one. I don't know how I let him beat me, he's hot garbage and then this morning Mike Bibby beat me! So I got to get back in the lab and get my skillz back rite! I can't be talkin s*@t like I do and then getting popped by these sorry catz. Hustle I hope u happy, that's your shout out on the blog doggy!!"

Tyson Chandler: Elmo … Live!

Just before the season starts, Chandler takes in some Elmo with his daughter:

"On Sunday, we went to see Elmo," he writes. "We got there and I'm like, 'This is Sesame Street. This isn't Elmo!' It was Sesame Street Live."

"My wife said that it's 'featuring Elmo.' And it was hilarious to me that Elmo is like Beyonce and Destiny's Child."

"They were dancing on the stage and I had no clue what was going on, just a bunch of muppets talking. It was like an Elmo concert with Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and all those characters that I grew up on."

"It's funny, because the whole thing was like a huge nursery, basically. After a while, you'd hear the characters, and you'd hear the crying."

"I was busting up laughing because you go to these things and the kids are frightened when the characters come out. My daughter jumped up and was squeezing me like, 'You'd better not put me towards that muppet!'"

Curt Schilling: Getting Into Gaming

What the Red Sox hurler wants to feel when playing an MMO:

"Make me feel heroic on day 1, minute 1, until I am done playing the game," he writes. "There are quests, there is gear, there is some semblance of story that can at times make me feel, look, heroic. But damn, I want to be a hero all the time right? By heroic I mean make my actions and choices MATTER in a way other people can see. Not only visually, but damn if I do something 'heroic' in a heroic world should people know that beyond the folks in my group? Killing rats with a rusty short sword to get money and experience so I can start to become heroic is not it, not even close. Aren't you creating a world that needs a hero? Aren't you creating a world calling for millions of heroes? That doesn't work if only a few of us can ever get that feeling. Well it does for the few but the rest of us 'are not worthy' to the few."

I can be your hero, baby?