Clip Reel: World TV Day and Keith Jackson

"That sound you hear is..." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Today is apparently World Television Day. Cool, as we enjoy that medium of communication. With all apologies to Mr. Musburger, Mr. Johnson, Mr. McKay and even Mr. Enberg (underrated), for our money the best TV sportscaster of the last fifty years has to be Mr. Keith Jackson. We won't go super deep on this Clip Reel, but we think you deserve some goodies from the best around. Here goes: "The Miracle at Michigan" (one of his best calls ever), the epic VY run to the corner, his intro to the 100th Michigan vs. OSU game (it will give you chills), and while not a call, you should still read this. Jackson is a Washington State alum and frankly, we hope tomorrow's (Cr)Apple Cup isn't hurting him too much emotionally.