Clip Reel: The Karate Kid

"Sweep the leg." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Pat Morita shuffled off this mortal coil three years ago today. You may remember him as Arnold on Happy Days, but depending on your demographic bracket, you likely recall him as Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid (he received an Oscar nomination for the first one). While those Karate Kid movies almost never get love on "Top 10 Sports Movies Of All-Time" lists, they're pretty epic. Find someone between 18 and 30 right now, say "Sweep the leg" or "Wax on, wax off" to them, and they know exactly what you're talking about. (Our other favorite: "Finish him.") To celebrate a little of Morita's legacy, we're going to roll out a few clips from the flick(s) and some other resources.

Here's the IMDB page for the first movie.
And here's the "Memorable Quotes" page from said film.
The Wikipedia on it.
Bill Simmons on the movies.
Ha. SweepTheLeg.Com!
Karate Kid fansite.
Bunch of reviews available at the Rotten Tomatoes page for the first movie.
Here we go with video clips: the final sequence (5:19 version).
Here's the training montage.
Here's stuff from the beginning of the movie. If you look in "Related Videos," you can essentially watch the entire film online.
Here is "Wax On, Wax Off."
Here's the "You're the Best Around" montage.
Nice, the trailer. Remember how Macchio is totally a bad seed at the beginning of this movie?
The Karate Kid, as done by "The Angry Nintendo Nerd."
Random, yet good, blog post about the value of the movie.
Good list of pop culture references back to the film.
Soundtrack track list.
This blogger has Johnny Lawrence on his list of the best sports movie villians ever.
Whatever happened to the kid who played him?
Good place to end: No More Kings "Sweep the Leg" music video with several Karate Kid cast members.