The NEXT: LeBron Story to Read Into

Another NYC-themed shoe? Subtle, brah. Getty Images

There's been plenty written and said recently about the plan of LeBron James (and crew!) to take over large swaths of inter-galactic branding real estate, which includes all kinds of things, not limited to turning that Big Red Dot on Jupiter into a Swoosh. Recently, a certain New York team also dumped enough salary to make a run at not just LeBron, but perhaps another top name. (When does Donnie Walsh star in Eraser II: Undoing Isiah?) Needless to say, wearing signature New York shoes when you visit the Garden as the visiting team doesn't exactly douse the flames of speculation.

You can see the kicks. A Nike rep emails us: "The 'Big Apple' Zoom LeBron VI sneakers take inspiration from one of LeBron's favorite cities, New York, by incorporating the color red throughout the shoe as a tribute to the city's famous nickname."

Red is also in Cleveland's jersey's too, right? Ah, burgunbdy. Gotcha.