Clip Reel: Past Jimmy V Classics

Tayshaun hooping for UK in the 2001 Jimmy V Classic. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

You'll find this on the Jimmy V Foundation website: "Teams in past Classics have included: Arizona, Gonzaga, NC State, U Mass, Georgia Tech, Temple, Kansas, Penn State, California, North Carolina, Clemson, Louisville, Princeton, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, Purdue, South Carolina, Texas, Duke and Kentucky." That's some pedigree. With that in mind, we decided to briefly look back at some of those contests, to contextualize for ya what you're going to see when Davidson, WVU, Texas and Villanova hoop it up on December 9th.

1995: Temple stuns Kansas.
2001: Duke over UK by three in OT.
2005: Michigan State hands BC its first loss of the season.
2007: Mayo vs. Rose!
2000: Virginia, led by Donald Hand, drops over 100 on Tennessee.
1997: Princeton vs. Wake and Clemson vs. Seton Hall are both good contests.