Clip Reel: The NFL in 2000

OK, so Billick won't be there this year. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

In 2000, the top seed in the AFC was the Tennessee Titans; in the NFC, it was the New York Giants. One of 'em was QB'ed by Kerry Collins. Sound familiar? Get this: one of big playoff battles was the Ravens/Titans game, which could easily happen in the Divisional Round again this year. The NFC Title game was that 41-0 Giants over Vikings clunker, which could theoretically be the NFC Title game this season. Sheesh, wasn't there a Presidential election in 2000 too? This is eerie. Let's take a quick look back at 2000 in the NFL.

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So seriously, was the 2000 Ravens D the best defense ever?
They definitely owned the G-Men.
(We felt the need to show the halftime show, which had Britney and Aerosmith among others.)
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