Clip Reel: Notorious and Bed-Stuy

"I'm through. Can you sing a song for me, boo?" Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

The film Notorious, about The Notorious B.I.G., comes out today. We personally don't have Biggie as the top rapper of all-time, but there is no denying his influence. Simply amazing: he went to George Washington Information Technology HS briefly with Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and DMX. Wow. Biggie didn't sneak athlete names into his raps that often, and even if he did, we probably couldn't link 'em up. Curse words are everywhere. We did want to turn a brief spotlight on Bedford-Stuyvesant, the area of Brooklyn where Christopher Wallace is from; some notable athletic figures also call it "their origin."

Here's a list of some notable Bed-Stuy natives.
Anyone else find it odd that Lenny Wilkens is all about the Pacific Northwest in his later years?
Wilkens teaches ya the fundamentals of the lay-up.
Brief clip from his NBA at 50 biography.
"Ladies and gentlemen, the winningest coach of all-time."
Lenny's Two-Man Shooting Drill.
Lenny Wilkens' offensive rebounding drills.
Wilkens on how to create space for yo'self.
Here's a link to his foundation.
Nice bio page from NBA.Com on Wilkens.
Worth looking at his Basketball Reference page.
Maybe not the best example of "making it," but Mike Tyson is also a Bed-Stuy boy.
This six-minute rip of "the funniest Mike Tyson moments" is pretty good.
One Tyson highlight video.
Here's another.
His Top 10 one-punch knockouts.
We needed to get one link to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out in here.
"Mike Tyson's Brunch Out."
This is worth reading about Bed-Stuy in general.
One Chris Rock link for you.
One Jay Z for ya too.
And finally, one Biggie.