Clip Reel: The San Jose Sharks

"The Shark Tank" seems like a fun place, no? Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

We were gonna do something on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons here, but we felt like aggregating hockey content. Plus, the Sharks are a good story: they're the only NHL team to make us indirectly have to clean up vomit. Huh? Read on.

Before our frosh year of college, we went poster shopping with our dad at a sporting goods store. We had watched maybe six minutes of one Sharks playoff game about four years before this, but for some reason, we purchased a large Sharks poster for the dorm room. Move-in day, a kid from down the hall—he wore a shirt with the periodic table of the elements on move-in day, so for the next four years everyone called him "Periodic X," with "X" being his actual first name, which we're withholding—runs in and says, "You a Sharks fan?!? I went to HS in San Jose!" We had a halfway decent relationship with this dood for the first semester (he overslept his Christmas flight home, as a side note). In February, he comes over on a Friday night and says, "Sharks are playing the Capitals tonight! You wanna watch?" (We went to college in DC.) We agree, and invite him over. First period we crack a beer and toss him one. "I'm not really a drinker," he intones from the other side of the room. We shrug and continue. Long story short: Sharks won the game, and mid-third period, the dood booted all over our floor. Fun times. Go Sharks! Is this the year they get over the hump? Here's some aggregation related to 'em:

Here's the team Wiki.
The official site is here.
This is a detailed stats page for the team's history.
Here's all the content you get if you search "San Jose Sharks" on ESPN.Com.
Good article in Sports Illustrated about the building of the Sharks.
This video is only 1:14 long and called "The History of the San Jose Sharks," but it's fairly detailed.
"Old and New Sharks, Part I."
"Old and New Sharks, Part II."
The Top Ten Plays for the Sharks last season.
The Shark Tank intros are pretty sweet.
Here are some highlights from so far this season.
Here's a good mix of highlights from the past few years.
A music video set to "Pump It Up."
Todd McLellan's introductory press conference.
Here's another clip of "Shark Tank" entrances.
The Sharks' goal horn!
More highlights from this season to date.
Remember when they beat the Wings in '94?
Remember this 2OT Game 7 against the Flames in '94-'95?
Solid Joe Thornton profile.
And another one.
Good mix of him scoring right here.
Here's a similar mix of Patrick Marleau.
Here's a piece on him called "After Hours." Hmmm.
Good Sharks blog to bookmark can be found here.
This is the landing page for Sharks content on the San Francisco Chronicle's website.
This is a similar page for the San Jose Mercury News.
This Nabokov save is absolutely insane.
Here's a Nabokov tribute video.
Another one.
We'll end with this: remember when he scored that goal? Ha.