Clip Reel: The Super Bowl

Uh, the Giants did, apparently. We've got 41 other games we're linking up, though. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Fairly big game on Sunday, no? If you type "Super Bowl best plays" into YouTube, there's about 3,000 results. Granted, most of 'em are Tecmo Bowl replays of key moments in the contests throughout the years, but still. We decided to throw you 30 links to increase your appreciation of Sunday. Dive in.

(1) Nice history of the game right here.

(2) This link is also fairly detailed on the matter.

(3) Best commercials ever? We got ya.

(4) Here's a link to the selection at No. 1 for "Best Super Bowl commercial."

(5) Needs to be here: "The Super Bowl Shuffle."

(6) If you sort "Super Bowl" on YouTube by "View Count," this puppy has 7 million views.

(7) Manning to Tyree, Tecmo-style.

(8) You can get the Elway helicopter spin on here, albeit in the context of a traffic accident.

(9) The Lynn Swann catch in Super Bowl X.

(10) "The Super Bowl: Where Amazing Happens."

(11) Rams vs. Titans highlights. That was an incredible Super Bowl, no?

(12) Ravens vs. Giants highlights. That was a less-than-incredible game.

(13) 49ers vs. Bengals highlights. This was the game with "The John Candy Drive."

(14) Colts vs. Bears highlights.

(15) The end of the Giants vs. Broncos Super Bowl. Fairly humorous.

(16) 49ers woodshedding the Broncos.

(17) Super Bowl halftime show when U2 performed after 9-11.

(18) Here's the halftime show with N-SYNC, Aerosmith and Britney.

(19) Tom Petty's halftime show.

(20) Britney and Nelly.

(21) Not sure exactly what this is, but it's fast-moving and we enjoy that.

(22) We really like this Chester Pitts Super Bowl ad from a couple o' years ago.

(23) Page 2 of ESPN.Com's "Ultimate Super Rankings" from a few years back.

(24) It's surprising that we got to No. 24 and hadn't yet linked the official Super Bowl website, isn't it?

(25) Oooh, this is cool: Pat Summerall's Top 25 Super Bowl moments.

(26) IGN Sports sez these are the best plays in Super Bowl history.

(27) This is a cool article from NFL.Com on the best RB performances in Super Bowl history, and it's got a bunch of related videos on the top right. NFL.Com > YouTube for NFL "vid."

(28) This is a topic we think is worth discussing.

(29) Ooooh, a video tour of Raymond James Stadium.

(30) It seems like maybe Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce shoulda played halftime last year, but OK.

Should be noted that we got through this entire list without a single reference to Larry Fitzgerald, him being a ballboy, or his dad. OK, here's one.