ESPN Insider: The Yankees and Angels have needs to fill in '09

"Maybe I should become an Insider." Getty Images

Last Friday night, we had some after-work drinks with ESPN The Magazine associate editor Matt Meyers. Dude works a little on the baseball department, and he knows whaddup on the diamond. Quoth him: "The Angels won't be as good this season." We were skeptical, seeing as how the AL West is wack. (Sorry, Rangers fans!) But now, lookie here: Baseball Prospectus has gone and penned a piece for ESPN Insider claiming the same thing (and including the Yankees in the mess. Read it here. () Meyers was right! We shoulda made the dude pay for the round. Anyway, if you ain't an Insider, go here and sign up. (For real, you could view this as "big company asking you for money," but with the NCAA Tournament and spring training coming up, Insider is a good thing for you to be, 'specially considering it's a mere $2.50 a month.)