ESPN Insider: The AFC South in 2009 is all about the QBs

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People like to throw the AFC South under the bus. "The NFC East is tougher!" is a familiar refrain, as is "The AFC East has amazing coaching!" or "The NFC South is loaded with playoff contenders." Truth. But lookie here: last season's best regular-season record came from the AFC South (Titans). The year before, the Super Bowl winner was from 'dere (Colts). The Texans (argue with us if you want) already have a near-championship-level defense; they just need a few more parts. The Jaguars were 11-5 two seasons ago. It's a loaded division. In this new piece on ESPN Insider, Football Outsiders' Doug Farrar talks about how the keys to the division in '09 belong to the QBs.() OK, so why should you pay for this?

(1) The article is quite informative.

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(3) If you took Psychology 101 in college, you know how important being able to impress small groups of people is. This article'll help you do that.

(4) In the next six weeks, it's time for the NCAA Tournament and the return of MLB, probably the two most stat-crazy elements of a sporting year. It's a really good time for you to do this.

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