ESPN Insider: The Baltimore Ravens should keep their LB trio

After all that Phelps stuff, can Balto afford one of these two guys to bolt? Getty Images

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Point of this new ESPN Insider piece is fairly straightforward and simple: the Ravens should keep together their All-World (if aged) LB trio, even with coordinator Rex Ryan flying the coop to NYC. (Ya ever heard of "hometown discount?" Google it.) That information is basic, although the way the info is presented is fairly unique. Since it's worth paying 30 bucks a year for good information, you should join Insider. Think of it like this: a movie's 12 bucks, no? You see 2.5 crappy movies a year, right? (Last year we saw My Best Friend's Girl by ourselves, which is extremely depressing.) Why waste money on that junk when you can read charts and graphs about T-Sizzle? C'mon now.