Freak Celebrity Sighting

Bumped into four-time-major winner Raymond Floyd at Pebble Beach last week. He was telling stories about his amateur partner for 20-plus years there—Clint Eastwood, director and star of the critically acclaimed "Gran Torino." "I always said that what Clint does isn't really acting," said Floyd, 66. "He just is. What you see on the screen is pretty much what he's like. Man, the people love him. Remember "Dirty Harry"? Do you know how many times I heard somebody holler, 'Make my day!'? I got so sick of 'Make my day!' Except one time. We got to the green and a young woman was standing right in front in a full-length raincoat. She yells, "Hey, Clint! Make MY day!' and opened up her raincoat. She was buck naked under there! Just nothin' on!" Eastwood didn't play last week, which was just as well. There's nothing really sexy about women shooting him with their thumb and forefinger.

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