Was I In Traffic School With That Guy?

As popularized on Facebook, let me be the 100 millionth American to tell you "25 Random Things About Me."

(1) I was once on the game show "Scrabble," hosted by Chuck Woolery. Won $3,000.
(2) Reggie Jackson once threatened to throw me out of his private plane over the Hopi Indian Reservation in northwest Arizona. He wasn't kidding.

(3) I've holed shots from the fairway six times but never had a hole-in-one.

(4) I'm allergic to dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, everything. Covering the Kentucky Derby just about kills me.

(5) When I was 19, I worked the graveyard shift at Lavito's All-Night Sandwich Shop in Escondido, Calif., where there was a baseball bat under the cash register in case we got robbed.

(6) I really hate to write. Abhor it. I write at restaurants and bars, so I don't feel so abjectly alone.

(7) I originally tried to be a broadcaster, but the guy said my voice was too nasal.

(8) I'm married to the 1980 Junior Miss California.

(9) President Gerald Ford once stepped on my foot.

(10) I was once in a car with Charles Barkley when the steering wheel came off in his hands. Yes, he was sober.

(11) Howard Cosell is the biggest jerk I ever met. Nasty, nasty guy.

(12) I can do magic tricks, just enough to annoy people.

(13) My brother gives me an amazing amount of good column ideas.

(14) I've never covered the Indy 500, but in 31 years of sportswriting, I guess I've covered everything else.

(15) I've been a grocery bagger, rental-shop clerk, lawn mower, book packer, 7-Eleven cashier, flower deliverer, bank teller, gas jockey and car washer.

(16) When I first started out at Sports Illustrated at 27, I was so nervous I had to be hospitalized twice with stomach ulcers.

(17) My sons have strawberry hair and my daughter is from Korea. They are much cooler than me.

(18) I was so short in ninth grade that the jocks used to pick on me. Then I grew 10 inches in two and a half years.

(19) I won a writing contest in first grade and they put my story up in a bank window.

(20) The moment North Carolina State upset Houston in Albuquerque in the 1983 NCAA basketball final is the loudest sound I've ever heard.

(21) Tiger Woods sometimes gooses me when he passes from behind.

(22) I once drove a 1965 Volvo with a hole in the floorboard so big you could watch the road go by under your feet.

(23) I often wish I'd been Harry Connick, Jr.…Or Bill Gates Jr.

(24) I've been to every state but North Dakota.

(25) Person I'd most like to meet: Dave Barry.

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