Clip Reel: Providence Friars Basketball

We weren't in his house this morning or anything, but we'd assume it was a joyous time to be Keno Davis. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

We play intramural dodgeball on weeknights sometimes (we do it to make friends) and one of our teammates is a Providence alum. Last night, after the game, he does a cursory Blackberry check (side note: too many people who don't need Blackberries actually own them) expecting to be down to Pitt, but lo and behold, the Friars are up 15. "We gotta get to a bar!" he screams. We actually didn't stay at said bar the whole game; he left to watch it at home, but stillincredible. It was the Friars' first victory over a No. 1 since 1976. That seems surprising when you consider their legacy. Let's take a deeper look, eh?

Here's the Wiki for the whole college.
Here now: the basketball team's history.
And here now: the guys who have coached this program.
Here's the official site. Halfway decent archives section on there, too.
Here's a good fan "vid" of PC basketball and PC campus in general.
This is a long clip, but for a good cause: the Friars Forever Fund.
This is the video that plays before PC games, apparently.
The Friars wanted you to celebrate New Year's by watching them dunk. Kinda.
Providence basketball rap including someone called "Jew Boy."
A PC "Black Out."
This is a pretty cool riff of The Dark Knight used to pump up PC fans before the ND game.
We would feel bad about ourselves if we didn't include a God Shammgod clip in here.
Friars "Videorama."
Here's clips from the 1973 NCAA Final Four: PC vs. Memphis State.
And here's clips of the famous 1987 team, coached by Pitino and starring Donovan.