Ziri Rolston writes: I was thinking about pitchers that have excelled during the steroid era, and how Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte, although extremely consistent, were tarnished by the performance enhancing drug allegations. But what about Greg Maddux, who has never been linked to any drug talk? I think all of this information about who and how many people have done steroids during his pitching career makes him look like the best pitcher of all time. This skinny guy with amazing movement, location, and change of pace not only survived but had one of the most illustrious pitching careers facing juiced up meatheads. Take a look at his numbers, and then look at the list of steroid users. He faced all of these guys numerous times over his 23-year career. He had 17 years in a row where he won at least 15 games, in the height of the steroid era. Mull over this idea.

OK, Ziri, I mulled it over and here's what I decided to do: Any pitcher whose careers have been sullied by steroid allegations immediately gets their Cy Young yanked and handed to the guy who finished second, just as we did with the MVPs. Here's how it would shake out and it ain't good for Clemens:

1997 and 2004: Randy Johnson (SEA/ARI) takes Clemens' Cy Youngs.

1998: Pedro Martinez (BOS) takes Clemens' Cy Young.

2001: Mark Mulder (OAK) takes Clemens' Cy Young.

That means Randy Johnson supplants Clemens as the all-time Cy Young award winner with seven. Martinez now has four, and Clemens is left with three. And he may have to sell those to pay his lawyers. Maddux, though, still only has four.

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