Clip Reel: The NHL Trading Deadline

What could cause a pro sports mascot to ride down the luggage device at BWI? Why, it must be the NHL Trading Deadline. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

NHL Trading Deadline is at 3pm on March 4, 2009. At first, we were gonna use Clip Reel to link up a bunch of videos and editorial pieces of guys who might move. Then we realized: naw. Anyone can do that. Clip Reel has long been (we're getting teary-eyed) about directing you to resources, so here goes: this is a sweet article by E.J. Hradek on last year's deadline deals (). This is a similarly sweet article by NHL.Com on the Gretzky trade about two decades ago, and one more from that site on the 15 biggest difference-making trades since 1980. Here now: the ESPN.Com NHL Trade Tracker, the Pierre LeBrun blog, and a must-read on days like this, NHL Rumor Central. () Bookmark all that stuff on Trade Deadline Day and ya should be set.