Freak Celebrity Sighting

Bumped into new Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel and his two brothers, Jack, 28, who's in camp with the Indians, and Justin, 24, who's in the White Sox farm system. Matt's going to make more than $14 million this year while Jack's going to be scraping by on the Wendy's Super Value Menu. I couldn't help asking Jack if he ever felt steroids—or his refusal to use them—has kept him out of The Show.

"I don't know. I mean, how do I know who made it up there because they were juicing and who didn't? When I came up I was an 88-91 (mph) guy—screwball, splitter—like a lot of guys. And then, all of a sudden, guys who threw exactly as fast as me were suddenly 92-94 guys and they get the call. How do I know who cheated and who didn't? It just—it kinda sucks."

Small irony: Cassel's mother, Barbara, is an Emmy-award winning set decorator, who designed, among others, the set for Dirty Sexy Money. In baseball, they got the "dirty" part right.

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