The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Regarding your column about coaches being too nice when they're fired. I work for a small software company in Chicago and we recently hired a lot of new sales reps. Things weren't going well with that hiring initiative and I was going to be axed by our CEO, even though I showed lots of promise. When he wanted to discuss my termination I went nuclear on him. Guess what it got me? A promotion. I now handle all our accounts in Silicon Valley and I'm being relocated to the Bay Area. It's amazing what a creative, expletive-laden rant can get you—more money, a better territory and relatively warm winters. If I had threatened his life, then I'd probably own half the company. These coaches need to start treating ownership like they do players in the middle of training camp—like the dead meat they are.

—Brian (Chicago)

Why do you think I ran your letter? You scare me.

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