The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Calling Obama the first president who was "able to jam" is not really fair, since most presidents never got the chance to play. If basketball had been around in the 1830's, I guarantee Lincoln could have dunked. He was around 6'4, and reportedly pretty athletic in his younger days.

-- Tom (Cleveland)

Tom: You may be right. Lincoln weighed around 215 pounds and could chop three trees in the time it took most men to chop one. He was long and sinewy and yet had great strength. One day as a young man, Lincoln said he'd put up $10 to find a man who could pin Jack Armstrong. When no one accepted, he wrestled Armstrong himself. This is how it went, according to a guy who was there, named William Herndon: " Armstrong (was) a hardy, strong, and well-developed specimen of physical manhood … All New Salem adjourned to the scene of the wrestle. Money, whisky, knives, and all manner of property were staked on the result. It is unnecessary to go into the details of the encounter. Everyone knows how it ended: how at last the tall and angular rail-splitter, enraged at the suspicion of foul tactics, and profiting by his height and length of his arms, fairly lifted the great bully by the throat and shook him like a rag …"

I wonder if Obama could do that to Limbaugh?

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