The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

(Re: Column on Matt Steven, blind free-throw shooter)

Dear Mr. Reilly:
Changing the rules to accommodate a blind person is in fact counterproductive to the aim of many blind folks. That aim is to be treated normally. I may be naive to the rules of CYO basketball, but I've never heard of "designated foul shot throwers" anywhere, so this special consideration for Matt seems to fly in the face of being "normal." I am blind myself, was a high school and college athlete as a 1-meter springboard diver and finished 7th in the State of Connecticut in the Class M championships in 1980, so I appreciate Matt's passion for sports. I'm just making you and the readers aware of a different spin on this feel-good story! I'm not trying to pee in anyone's Cheerios.

--John Getz/W Palm Beach

You're going to begrudge the kid his one chance to be a hero in a sighted basketball game -- in a fun tournament on a team coached by his brother no less? No, it's not in the rules. The coach asked for a bending of the rules -- to his own team's detriment -- as a reward for a good kid who never gets to play. I can't see beating the kid out of it because it doesn't conform to your standards of blind sports morality. But I have to say: "I'm not trying to pee in anyone's Cheerios" replaces "I'm just sayin'" from now on in my lexicon. Far better than, "I'm not tryin' to hock in your Count Chocula."

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