Cold Blooded

The High Notes
We asked the Davis lads of Highland, Mich., to reveal a bit about each other by partaking in everybody's favorite party game, Mad Libs. (Well, actually, it's spin the bottle, but that's just too weird in this case.)

NAME Mickey Davis
AGE 22
JOB Vocal performance major (opera singer) at Oakland University in Michigan
HITS Played the representative in Seymour Barab's A Game of Chance
DYK? Plays guitar, drums, piano and bass
FAVE SIBS The Teters

NAME Danny Davis
AGE 18
JOB Snowboarder
HITS Superpipe champ, 2006 Nippon Open; superpipe runner-up, U.S. Open; halfpipe champ, 2006 Breckenridge Grand Prix
DYK? His first job was umpiring baseball for Hi-White Little League
FAVE SIBS Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Okay, DANNY. You first. When it comes to the best brothers on JUPITER, (PLANET) MASTER SPLINTER (BROTHER'S NICKNAME) takes the PICKLES (FAVORITE FOOD). I'll never forget the time we went to NAPLES, FLA. (FAMILY VACATION SPOT), and he taught me how to BANG (VERB) all over the PRESIDENT (NOUN). Plus, whenever I forgot to DUCK (VERB) our beloved MAX (FAMILY PET), he EXCITEDLY (ADVERB) took care of it. And all I had to pay him was 42(#) bucks. Now that's love.

All right, MICKEY, fire back. DAN THE MAN (BROTHER'S NICKNAME) is more important to me than SHRIMP SCAMPI (FAVORITE FOOD). Ever since I started to THROW (VERB ), he's had my UNIBROW (WORST FEATURE). Not only is he FEARLESS (ADJECTIVE) and JOVIAL (ADJECTIVE), but when it comes to CROCHETING (HOBBY), there are only 12 (#) people in the world who do it better. Sure, HE MAKES FUN OF MY MUSIC (PET PEVE), but the bottom line is that he's like a COUSIN DEREK (RELATIVE) to me.

Euro Flash

Two brothers, born and raised in Mora, Sweden. Both are skiers, one's a model. Here's how the Olsson boys stack up against each other …

NAME Jon Olsson
AGE 24
JOB Freeskier/model
BASE Monaco
HITS Shared Munich catwalk in 2005 with supermodel Helena Christensen; ski superpipe gold medal, 2002 Winter X Games DYK? Jon [pronounced Yoon] bowled a 236 last year
FAVE SIBS Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

NAME Hans Olsson
AGE 22
JOB Ski racer
BASE Östersund, Sweden
HITS Super G winner, 2004 World Junior Alpine Championships; two-time Swedish national downhill champion DYK? Svealand (Sweden) regional high school champion, javelin
FAVE SIBS "The Playboy Triplets" (Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm)

JON 6' HANS 6'1"

JON 165 pounds HANS 215 pounds

JON Anchorman HANS Gladiator

JON The OC HANS Jackass

JON The Jon HANS The Hans

JON Metallica HANS Mötley Crüe

JON Boxers HANS Boxers

JON Stacking rocks at a recycling company HANS Gutting fish at a northern Norway fishery

JON "I'm horrible at doing 360s. Double flips and 1080s, sure. But not 360s." HANS "I'm not the smartest kid on the block, but I can lift a s—load of weights."

JON Hour-long morning baths HANS Tanning salons

Mixed Pair

Besides sharing an occupation, a hometown (Duluth, Minn.) and a gene pool, supersibs Mason and Molly Aguirre also share a pad in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Like most roomies, they have issues …

NAME Mason Aguirre
AGE 19
JOB Snowboarder
HITS Fourth in halfpipe, 2006 Winter Olympics; second in superpipe, 2006 Winter X Games
DYK? A 13-handicap golfer with a lowest-round score of 81
FAVE SIBS Paris and Nicky Hilton

NAME Molly Aguirre
AGE 22
JOB Snowboarder
HITS Third in superpipe, 2006 Vans Cup; first female to land backside 900 in competition
DYK? Used to work summers as a cake decorator at Sam's Club
FAVE SIBS Venus and Serena Williams

MASON She's clean and all, but she eats my groceries.
MOLLY He does the same but doesn't think he does.
MASON I'll buy a loaf of bread, and it's half gone before I know it. If you want to eat my food, that's fine. Just call and ask first.
MOLLY What about my soft foam pillow? You take that without asking. And you drool on it.
MASON The thing I love most about Mollusk is her character and charisma. She's really dedicated to making a difference in kids' lives.
MOLLY Like the time Mason was 5 and we were in the bathtub. I convinced him to let me shave his legs and arms. He still thinks his hair is not properly grown in because of that.
MASON I'm a dork. But I'm a cool dork.

Two If By Land

We asked the Rahlves if they'd give us an inside look into their childhood. Unfortunately, they said yes

NAME Shannon Rahlves
AGE 31
JOB Triathlete, commercial real estate agent
BASE Truckee, Calif.
HITS Qualified for Hawaii Ironman by finishing first in her age group at 2006 Vineman (Half Ironman in Sonoma) DYK? Hasn't owned a TV since she lived with Daron five years ago
FAVE SIBS Venus and Serena Williams

NAME Daron Rahlves
AGE 33
JOB Ski racer
BASE Truckee, Calif.
HITS 2003 Hahnenkamm downhill (Austria) champion; three-time Olympian; making his X Games debut in skier X DYK? His Siberian husky, Streif, is named for the course at Hahnenkamm
FAVE SIBS Skier X racers Zach and Reggie Crist

DARON We grew up on a lake in Northern California, in Walnut Creek, so I'd always go waterskiing with my sister. The lake was warm and shallow, so there was a ton of algae floating around.
SHANNON Thick, green muck. You could put your hand in the water and not even see it. Gross.
DARON My dad, who held an unofficial water-ski jumping record of 158 feet back in the '60s, would pull us. But when I was old enough to drive, I'd purposely slow the boat down and drag Shannon through the algae until she was covered in it. Funny stuff.
SHANNON He'd seek out the most stagnant water with the thickest algae and stop so I'd sink in the stuff. When they pulled me out, I'd have this thick, slimy paste all over me. I still have nightmares about it.

Opposites Distract

The Malinoskis grew up in the same Canadian home (Humboldt, Saskatchewan), yet one's a frost-mongering snocrosser while the other's a sun-worshipping wakeboarder. How'd it happen? Neither has a clue. But a simple psych test speaks volumes.

NAME Rusty Malinoski
AGE 23
BUILD 6', 215 pounds
A.K.A. Bone Crusher
JOB Wakeboarder
BASE Clermont, Fla.
HITS 2006 World Wakeboard Association World Series champ; two-time Tigé Pro-Am Wakeboard champ
DYK? A relative giant for his sport, Rusty destroyed 30-plus boards in 2006. Norm for a wakeboarder? Five
FAVE SIBS Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

NAME Robbie Malinoski
AGE 25
BUILD 5'11", 200 pounds
A.K.A. Bison to childhood friends, Thrasher to racing buds
JOB Snocross racer
BASE Minneapolis
HITS Won both 2006 World PowerSports Association titles (Pro Open and Pro Stock)
DYK? Punches everyone in his trailer in the arm before each race
FAVE SIBS The NHL's Sutter brothers (Brent, Brian, Darryl, Duane, Rich and Ron)
Okay, boys, a little word association …

ROBBIE Nice place

ROBBIE Too hot
RUSTY Beautiful

ROBBIE My beautiful girlfriend




ROBBIE Best thing ever