Turns out it's not just me that wants to be the new commissioner of baseball. It's you. Here are just a few of the ideas you sent in to fix the game, if that's possible:

I'd argue the pitch clock should be eight seconds from when the pitcher has possession of the ball. If the batter isn't all the way in the box at the time of the pitch it's an automatic strike, even if the ball gets thrown three feet above the batter's head. Also, $10 fine each time you spit. What the heck is wrong with these guys? They're pigs.

--George, Broomfield, CO.

Stop letting relief pitchers have warm-up throws when they enter the game. Baseball is the only sport where this happens. In football the back up quarterback doesn't get to throw some "practice" passes once he's come in. In hockey, the substitute goalie doesn't get to take practice shots before play resumes. In basketball, the second-team point guard doesn't get a few practice lay ups. In baseball, the relief pitchers have already thrown about a million times "warming up" in the bullpen. Why do they need more "warm up" pitches once they get in the game? It's especially frustrating when a pitcher comes in, takes his warm-up pitches, pitches to a whopping ONE batter, is taken out, and then pitcher No. 2 comes in and does it all over again. Talk about killing the momentum of a game!

--Bill Dunn, Chicago

Make all the ball parks the same dimensions. Currently, a home run in one park is an easy out in others.

-- Salt Lake City

No bitchin' at Camden Yards about the sea of red-colored clothing during Red Sox games! And anyone playing a videogame or knitting or reading during the game gets escorted to a dunking machine for one inning.

--Randy, Wellesley, MA

Shoeless Joe and Charlie Hustle go in the Hall of Fame. No more strikes six inches off the outside corner. Two instant replay challenges per team. No more phantom touching of second base on a DP.

--Randy, San Jose

Replace the Warning Track with a Warning Moat. Play ABBA hits when the visiting team comes to bat.


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