Too Short For A Column

One, the European press openly cheers and applauds for its nation's sports stars. In America, there's no cheering in the press box. Two, the reporters here are very frank. I remember an American reporter asking his 117th dumb question of a British Open at Turnberry once when an exasperated Scot hollered up from the back, "Y'er talkin' crap, man!" Three, the reporters for the scandal sheets -- the tabs -- can kill a press conference faster than a fire alarm. Some "beastie boy" from The Sun or The Daily Star will go, "Yes, Nigel, do you feel your performance today was affected by the rather curvy exotic dancer who's been accompanying you lately?" Cut to: Nigel stomping off.

But my favorite Euro press story involved Greg Norman at a British Open. He was in the press room, talking about an injury. He told about icing it overnight and how it still wasn't improving. Finally, he opened it up to questions. A hundred hands went up. Steve Hershey, then of USA Today, was first.

He asked, "Wait a second. You found ice?"

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