One last reason Tiger Woods should stop throwing clubs: it can be deadly.

Four friends found that out in Wayne County, N.C., last week. They were playing at Walnut Creek Country Club when Taylor Gardner, a member of the Wayne Christian golf team, hit a bad shot on No. 4.

Gardner was so disgusted with his shot, he slammed his club against the cart, breaking the shaft in two, a big piece of which impaled Gardner's stomach, about six inches deep, piercing his intestine.

His friends got Gardner into a golf cart and rushed him to the clubhouse, where he was taken to a hospital.

"His face was turning white, his lips were turning white," Clark Rose, a foursome member, told a reporter. "It was just bad."

Gardner, who lost a lot of blood, needed emergency surgery, but is expected to recover fully.

No word on whether anybody went and got his ball.

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