There was one side story out of Y.E. Yang's mind-blowing upset of Tiger Woods at the PGA that made a few people arch an eyebrow. On the green at 18 Sunday, when Woods failed to chip in, it meant Yang only needed to two-putt from 10 feet to win the tournament. But Woods didn't turn the stage over. In other words, he didn't do what is generally accepted in golf: putt out so Yang could have the last stroke of the tournament and the final glory. Instead, he made Yang go first -- he sank the 10-footer -- and then missed his own five-footer, to lose by three.
The critics:

This was a low class move and at best a lack of sportsmanship in a game that is rooted in it. Tiger has let countless victims putt out so he can celebrate in the past. That he didn't do it for Yang says a lot about his character. -- Michael (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Every pro should respect common tournament etiquette. They all do it for Tiger, and I think Tiger missed a great opportunity to show some sportsmanship. -- Remington Sloan (Scottsdale, Ariz.)

First of all, Tiger is the consummate gentleman, as aware of the unwritten courtesies of the game as any player. I just think he loses at the end so rarely, he blanked. It's like a lion not having a Ziploc bag ready for leftovers. Yes, he should've putted out and given Yang the final moment, but remember, he'd NEVER lost a major after having a 54-hole lead. It was all strange, new territory. I say give Woods a pass. After all, by not winning the PGA, it meant he's only won $7,688,163 on Tour this year.

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