Too Short For A Column

Proof that the Cash for Clunkers program is not dead:

(1) Brett Favre, a 39-year-old waffler who bombed in the second half of the 2008 season for the New York Jets, has a suspect shoulder and a broken decider, signs with the Minnesota Vikings for $12 million.

(2) The Ricketts family agrees to pay a record $845 million for 95 percent of a Chicago Cubs team that is falling apart nearly as fast as Wrigley Field. Love the place, but it needs a makeover worse than Bud Selig. The talent is overpriced, and now, so is the team.

(3) The Oakland A's are paying Jason Giambi his $5.25 million salary, despite the fact that they've released him and his .193 average. Giambi is now in the Colorado Rockies farm system.

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