The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Response to the column about the death of tailgating has been spilling out the office windows and onto the sidewalks. Turns out tailgaters of all sports are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore.

I'll say it again. Get out of your lawn chairs and stop the madness! Fans need "Tailgating is Not a Crime" T-shirts. Fans need organized protests. Mostly, fans need to send protest letters to team presidents and university officials with limburger cheese inside. Believe me, they'll relent.

You overlooked arguably the biggest football school in the state of Michigan. While the crackdown on tailgating isn't happening in surrounding parking lots, the city of Ann Arbor has been attempting to silence and contain the pregame festivities at several houses that lead up to the stadium which have long been a part of the pregame tradition. Students are fighting back though, as protests have been organized recently. We will not go quietly!

-- Alex Moyer (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

Citi Field, Mets. Five friends and I met for the weekend to attend a Yankee and a Met game. Pulled into parking lot at 5:30 p.m. going to have one beer and go into check out the stadium. We are all 40-plus and had my white Mini Van. Two sips. Undercover (cop) comes by and asks for IDs. (Said) we didn't have cups to pour cans into so we were cited for open container in parking lot. We offered to dump the beer but were told too late. Five $25 citations that took 45 minutes to write. Was told no open flames or cooking, open containers, scalping (right) or no having fun (made that one up). Welome to Citi Field -- empty, bad team, undercover pompus rent-a-jerks.

-- Doug Jones (Sauquoit, N.Y.)

Amen! I was recently at the Colorado-Kansas game, and we've been going to the same tailgating spot (in Boulder) on the top of the parking garage by the engineering building for 10 years. Sure enough, (there were) cops threatening to give tickets to anyone tailgating! They instructed us to a parking lot NEXT to the parking garage for tailgating. A parking lot that requires a parking permit, not paid parking. Friggin pinko commies.

-- Jeff Fawcett (Denver/Colorado)

(Harvard) banned U-Hauls and anything similar (including fun) from Yale-Harvard games around 7-9 yrs ago.

-- Randy (NYC)

I am a student at Western Michigan University. This weekend was our biggest football game of the year -- Central Michigan. At 3 p.m. sharp, police stormed the parking lot demanding everybody leave. We barely had time to pack up our car before police on horseback came and herded us out of the parking lot like livestock. I understand what they are trying to do with this 3-hour time limit, but they have to understand that they are failing. Anyone can see this is done to prevent excessive drinking. However, by setting the allowable time to begin tailgating at 3 hours before the game and then kicking us out promptly at kickoff, all they are doing is setting up a shot clock (pun intended). Suddenly students are drinking against the clock. Isn't binge drinking exactly what these universities should be trying to prevent?

-- Jay (Kalamazoo, Mich.)

Try tailgating at Coors Field for the World Series. Arrived two hours early in our season ticket parking lot, parked, got out, opened beers, lit cigars. Within five minutes, told to stop by roaming parking lot tailgating police. Thanks Mr. Coors for not allowing 30 minutes of celebration for years of suffering.

-- Marv Spyker (Frisco, Colo.)

Opening Day at Citizens Bank Stadium. Me and my friends go down early to tailgate but the lot we were in was not allowed to tailgate and was punishable by a fine of 50 bucks! If we got there early we were not allowed to sit outside the car and listen to music and eat and drink.

-- Andrew (Philadelphia, Pa.)

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